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Fresh off a successful release of their debut album "Lands" in 2006, DulceSky was ready to go back to the studio and try new ideas. At the time, the band was operating as a trio comprised of Oliver Valenzuela (Vocals and Guitar), his brother Daniel (Bass) and Mitchell Razon (Drums). Towards the end of 2007, Brett Kocherhans joined on guitars and keyboards. The band moved to Brett's basement to keep writing and rehearsing, and in 2009 they were finally able to go into the studio. They recorded Invisible Empire on and off between '09 and '10. The release date was set for December 10, 2010. High expectations had been set for this album, and a PR campaign was ready to go with a successful manager and publicist on deck. Things fell apart, fell through the cracks, and other things didn't go as planned. The release date came and went and Invisible Empire faded it out.

After releasing a couple of EPs and having their live debut in Chile, Oliver and Mitchell’s home country, DulceSky decided to pause in 2018. Oliver and Brett formed a new band, Echofield, Mitchell started playing in other music projects, and Daniel quit actively playing in bands a few years before. 2019 brought Echofield and an act that Mitchell was playing with at the time together on the same bill. What followed was a re-connection between Oliver and Mitchell where they stayed in touch, and every so often they would bring up the topic of playing as DulceSky again. With the 10th anniversary of Invisible Empire approaching, those conversation became more serious until the first rehearsal was set and in the books. Steven Simmons from Echofield gladly accepted to take the bass duties.

DulceSky wants to make up for the botched original release by doing some of the things that they intended to do back in the day. This time without the rigid exercise of an official release, and just for fun.

Watch for the following INVISIBLE EMPIRE 10th ANNIVERSARY 2020-21 agenda items:

• 10th Anniversary Invisible Empire CD (Limited Run) 12.10.2020 - BUY HERE
• Various Music Videos
• Album played in its entirety via Stream and with Live Dates
• A Vinyl release is being looked into
• Other Merch and surprises TBA

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